Principal: Sarah Meek MCIPPdip, AICB PM.dip

Licensed and regulated by the Institute of Certified Bookkeepers (ICB)
Practice Licence Number: 17284

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Purely Payroll is a professional payroll bureau led by Sarah Meek MCIPPdip, MICB PM.dip

Having come from a large practice background, I wanted to be able to work more closely with clients to give them what they actually wanted which was (and still is) fully personalised and dedicated support covering the entire payroll spectrum.

I was convinced that there was a need for outsourced payroll services that offered a little bit more in terms of dealing with the specifics of managing an actual payroll situation, with all the varying complexities of staffing, contract arrangements, and legislative requirements that involves. It all comes down to an understanding of what a client really wants from a payroll service because, at the end of the day, businesses are simply groups of people, and in my experience, one size never does, or will, fit all.

I like to work closely with my clients who vary from one-employee businesses to those with a payroll of more than £million and effective communication is essential. Being able to give friendly advice and guidance is just as important as actually dealing with the paperwork, whilst staff training and solicitous preparation can make a huge difference to the smooth-running of new systems or adaptations to changing regulations.

I am keen to share my experience of ‘best practice’ and I am a qualifications tutor with the CIPP.  In response to clients requests, I have completed my ICB bookkeeping qualifications and have registered as a licensed bookkeeper.  My studies are ongoing and my list of services will, hopefully, continue to grow.